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At Pumkin Paws, we strive to alleviate the stress and agitation that overwhelms our pets while left alone for extended periods of time.  Keeping your pet in its environment, allows us to maintain their routine and habits while still providing them with exercise and love that is necessary to maintain their physical and mental health. Whether you are going away for a long weekend or have long days at work, with Pumkin Paws you can rest assured and feel at ease knowing that your pet is safe and properly cared for. Here are some of of the ways we can help care for your pet:

Dog Walks

All dogs need their walks! While you are away or at work we assure that your pet remains relaxed and comfortable in their environment. Through our dog walking service, we go to your home where we feed, play, walk, and apply oral/topical medications. All walks are GPS tracked & you receive instant notification & a report when the walk is complete!


Walks range from 20-45 minutes. All walks are individual and customized to tailor fit your needs.

Dog boarding

Host family: For those well adjusted dogs, we offer sleepovers at a host families home. After filling out our questionaire, your pet's personality is matched up with the perfect host family, your pet's routine remains consistent as possible while they are in the care of a loving host's home. 


In-home boarding: Is your pup more comfortable at home? If so, our in-home option is the solution! An employee stays overnight in your home. Early evening (between 6-7pm), late night, and morning walks are included. Midday visits are additional (based on length).

*All boarding is with our employees. Pumkin Paws does not currently employ outside contractors. Daycare can be added for additional rate. 


Too busy to make that dreaded trip to the groomer?  Have a playdate scheduled with one of our pups four legged friends?  Conveniently bring your pet to their scheduled play dates, vet, grooming, and training appointments. Please note: this service is based on availability and only within Riverdale. Send an email to info@pumkinpaws to request transportation. Please include the date, time, and location. 

cat care

Pumkin Paws LOVES our feline friends too! We offer visits which include feeding, playing, changing the litterbox & water, application of oral/topical medication, and home maintenance. Please note: visit times are not guaranteed unless there are dietary or medical requirements. 

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